Radiography (RT)
Our in-house 320 KV machine will accommodate 3" thickness in sizes up to 7'x7' and 2 tons.

Ultrasonic (UT)
Straight or angle beam, longitudinal or shear wave, contact or immersion. Wall thickness can also be measured.

Eddy Current (ET)
Equipment is available to meet a full range of applications, which include: tube inspection, flaw detection and location, thickness gauging and alloy identification.

Magnetic Particle (MT)
We perform wet and dry, visible and fluorescent inspections either in our laboratory or at your site. We can perform either direct or indirect testing. Our 8,000 and 12,000 amp multi-vector machines permit rapid, economical "one-shot" testing of large pieces.

Liquid Penetrant (PT)
We have visible and fluorescent solvent removeable, post-emulsified, and water washable equipment (Types I, II, III) to meet virtually any need. Our PT station enables the rapid, economical testing of large lots of small pieces.

Alloy Identity (AI)
We offer rapid, accurate identification of material alloy type using either thermoelectric or eddy current equipment.

Visual (VT & CWI)
A full range of boroscopes and videoscopes make indirect viewing or object retrieval posssible. The WA showprobe permits 3-D measurements of remote structures.