Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE)
-Mechanical Integrity
-Eddy Current
-Magnetic Particle
-Liquid Penetrant
-Alloy Identity
-Corrosion Testing


Granite Surface Plate Calibration and Resurfacing
PCT's electronic level system accurately measures the surface flatness in increments of 5uin/inch. Our technician's use portable computers linked to the electronic level to determine the unilateral flatness of your granite surface plate. When the surface does not meet the acceptable tolerance for the given plate our technician carefully restores the surface using a diamond compound lapping procedure.

Optical Comparator and Microscope Calibration
-Clean mirrors, lenses, bulbs, screen as necessary
-Check magnification accuracy
-Check "smart box" geometric accuracy with edge detector (if equipped)
-Calibrate X and Y-Axis measurement accuracy

Mobile Calibration Lab
PCT offers the convenience of same day calibration.
We have designed our Mobile Calibration Laboratory to meet your calibration needs with the highest possible efficiency. The Mobile Laboratory carries its own source of power for all instrumentation; when we arrive at your location, we are ready to calibrate in our environmentally controlled laboratory.