Calibration Laboratory
Coordinate Measurement Machines
Length Measurement Machines
80" & 120"
24" Gage Block Comparator
Optical Comparator
14" up to 50x
Tremos Linear Measuring Machine
Computerized Temperature Control
Main Lab = 68 degrees F +/- 0.25 degrees
Gage Traceability
Notification of Gages due for Calibration

Gage Management Program
The Gage Management program will help you meet the measurement and test equipment, M&TE control, calibration, and maintenance requirements of ANSIZ540, ISO 17025, and ISO with little paper work effort on your part. In lieu of individual certificates of calibration, PCT will maintain a system of calibration for all your M&TE and measurement standards. All calibration records and gage calibration history will be maintained by PCT in our computerized gage management system. The following reports are included in our Gage management program: